Grant Terms & Conditions

When making grants we ask you to follow certain conditions and, by accepting a grant, you are agreeing to these terms:

  1. Our grant may only be used for the purposes outlined in your application, the fullness and accuracy of which we relied upon in deciding to make it.
  2. You will meet, as a minimum, our expectations regarding safeguarding as outlined in our Safeguarding Policy.
  3. You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in carrying out your activities and will not do, or omit to do, anything that might reasonably be expected to bring us as donors into disrepute.
  4. You will let us know right away if you become aware of any significant change during the life of the grant of which it is reasonable to expect that we would want to be aware as a responsible donor.
  5. Grants are conditional upon the receipt of satisfactory reports from you. For a one-off grant a single end-of-grant report is required. For multi-year grants, you must submit a report for each year of funding.

Reporting requirements

  1. All reports must be submitted using our online Report form which will be made available to you prior to any reporting deadline.
  2. You can view the report form questions here.
  3. To assist you, we will send a reminder before the deadline for each report but the responsibility for ensuring all reporting requirements are met remains with you.

Keeping information up to date

Please keep us informed of any changes to information previously provided, particularly changes affecting our ability to contact you and, for multi-year grants, our ability to make grant payments. To notify us of changes, please email us at